Philanthropy is not dead yet but donor fatigue is certainly creeping in!

Bountifuls, Inc. was designed for the generous donors who want to do their part but don't have the time to connect with charities they trust. In their hectic lifestyle, there is simply not enough time to write a check every month. How many times, we have all written checks but then forgot to mail them. It is not easy to keep track of our donation dollars and at tax time, many of us cannot find the receipts of our tax-deductible donations.


Some charities have to conduct several fundraisers every year given the intense demand to reach out to an ever-dwindling donor base. Alas! even if we did make it to a fundraiser-out of conviction for our civic duties or the charity had a great entertainment program/great motivational speaker- we all know from our own experience that all the pledged money, does not always gets sent. 


Most people want to support a multiple/broad spectrum of charities year after year, which compounds all the above limitations of the current model of charitable donations to the individual charities.


That is why we decided to help the donors to do what they like to do the most and leave their philanthropic worries behind. This is how it works:


  1. A one time, brief and easy process utilizing your bank's app or website, sets up the recurrent donations. Please see a demo for Chase bank here.

  2. You decide what percentage of your donation dollars, needs to go to each charity of your choice on monthly basis.

  3. That is it! Your charities get your designated amount every month and each December you get an itemized list of your donations and receipt of your tax-exempt donations. 



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